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About The Book

Idea of the book Alchemy of the stones, was created in late eighties in Italy, in Merigar, Tibetan center were the Master Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche taught Dzogchen teaching (the immeasurable perfection). Due to the my good fortune to meet my teacher I had a lucid dreams, they said that the stones should become an army, 41 soldiers, who would give instructions and deep insights into life.

The book has three chapters.

The first part is about tools, about the stones themself, size of finger nails, with colors and shape they initiate the seeker in to the precise symbolic meaning. They division can be strata a way recognized in to ten small Mandalas, fields of four stones each. Each small Mandalas talk about ten areas in life.

The second chapter has only 16 pages, they are like a key to open deep understanding, insight in to ten Universal Mandala. Three of them, with the their geometry shape indicate to the; Tree of life, Cross and Lotus flower. This part of the book is dedicate to the possibility, through the symbols and theirs mutual specific geometric position, to recognizing our true nature, outside of the dual world, with which we are more or less in constant contact. In other words, to sense out Divine nature, which is not caused by an external presence, which is beyond life and death.

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