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The Seminar

The seminars are designed in 5 sessions of a maximum of 45 minutes each., in groups of 10 participants. They will process the material given in the book, but with additional possibilities, such as the combinatorics of symbols, how they can be connected in joint sets of 1, 2, 3 or at most 4 stones. Also, during the seminar, people can get additional information on how to relate to the stone they have found, how to interpret it at this point in life and how dominant and crucial it is at a given moment. Since each stone has 7 characteristics, during the seminar, participants discover esoteric knowledge, through learning about the elements, about the feminine and masculine principle, as well as about spiritual existence. In any case, this is a living knowledge of ourselves. The final result of these seminars is that people find their stones, connect themselves with them and start to see and reveal their own "flaws" and "misconceptions" as well as their purpose in terms of the cognitive element in life.

If the seminar participant makes an authentic and deep relationship with the stones, in time he will be able to copy examples of opening the Individual Mandala. Through example is it possible to see how the alchemy of the stones works? By realizing that every one of us is a creator of his own destiny, in short, we conclude that everything around us is our vision of the outside world, both on the physical level and on the energy-emotional level or even deeper, on the invisible mental level.

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