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The Journey

The journey is a direct initiation into the Alchemy of Stones. It consists of four sessions. It is mainly intended for old clients and those who are already working with people such as: coaches, therapists, or psychologists. This method was primarily designed as a game of stones but over time the name was changed to a journey with the Stones. The duration of each session is approximately one hour. The whole process takes two weeks, so it is best to have sessions 3 to 4 days apart. It is desirable to download the poster, which makes it easier to follow the whole process.

This method is designed to show everything we have done in life and what we have neglected or left incomplete. The seeker draws ten symbols during each session. Through this process, the stones eventually form a geometric figure on a poster that is in the shape of the Tree of Life. Already during the first session, one can see in which field of life the stones are dominant, whether they are open (realized) or closed (not experienced). With this technique, through the creation of the Mandala of Life, traumas, reasons why we are stuck in certain repetitive experiences, various addictions, etc. can be revealed. By discovering, he seeks, meditates, thinks and finds ways that can help him move and transform his life for the better.

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