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Slavica Voglar Petković was born in the early sixties in Belgrade and was initiated by her mother in law, already in her mid-twenties, into a unique system of divination with stones. For generations this knowledge was preserved, kept secret and was orally transmitted down through the generations exclusively through the female line of descendants. Shortly after initiating her, her mother in law passed away and in the mid eighties Slavica began her journey into the special world of rocks and minerals. Due to the very intense shamanic experiences she had with the stones, she sought answers to questions such as: Is it possible to change one’s destiny and overcome the laws of karma, she wondered? As luck would have it Slavica then met her spiritual master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche. Throughout the many years on her path of study and meditation she met many other important masters as well. The combination of being an initiate and practitioner of the ancient knowledge of the Alchemy of the Stones, and of meeting with her Master, profoundly deepened the spiritual direction of Slavica’s life. She received very clear indications in her dreams that the time had come to transmit her knowledge unselfishly not only to her daughter, but to all interested in following the Path of the Stones.

Slavica began to openly teach her knowledge through small workshops. Since 2012, she has been constantly traveling due to the great interest in her teachings manifested in many countries. She has taught workshops in Australia and Singapore, but mostly in various European countries. In these degenerate times in which many social and ethical values are disturbed and distorted, Slavica with her ancient knowledge brings order, answers and solace.

Slavica’s work is distinguished by its deep contact with Mother Earth. Stones are like the firm and hard skeleton of planet Earth and the symbolic messages of these forty one small natural stones are deep, soulful and accurate. To start on this spiritual Journey students are encouraged to find their own, learn, be initiated by and work with, the energy of each natural stone.

The Alchemy of the Stones is a method of divination or of perceiving the future, but seen from the perspective of the Journey of the Stones, on a deeper level, it is a profound spiritual path that gives direction to our life. The difference between Alchemy of the Stones and other methods of divination is that it is a unique formula that functions like a matrix, combining trained inner talent and readily legible indications. Every stone has seven characteristics and has its perfect place within the Universal Mandala. During her workshops Slavica teaches participants the perfect harmony of the connection of each stone with all other stones. The student on the path needs to go in search of his or her own stones to develop the understanding of this method further.

The second part of the workshop includes the method of laying out the forty-one stones to create the Individual Mandala which reflects the perceived karmic vision of the person requesting the divination. As in Astrology, where the planets move through 12 fields, the stones create specific positions on the 9 fields of the Active individual Mandala. Each of the stones are a living symbol that, according to its position, and for some, its direction, can have a positive or negative interpretation. One of the most important stones, the Infinity stone represents space and time in which we are all caught up in duality and our karmic vision.
Participants will be initiated into numerology. Given that each stone has a numerological value, it is possible to literally calculate the degree of awareness present at a given moment of the incident in the mind of the person requesting divination.

Slavica's love of symbols introduces each workshop participant into the world of creative integration of symbolic images. These through logical interpretations lead to the recognition of certain events. Beautiful symbols whose formulas are reflected in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, open the door to new ways for the mind to discover ways to harmonize us with the outside world.

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